Body After Baby

Body after baby

By Natasha Linton

          So new mom, you have just welcomed your new bundle of joy into the world and now you want your body back. First, congratulations! Now, here are some tips for you to get on the road to getting your body back.

          If you haven’t considered exercising, now is a great time to start. First of all, you will need your strength back to perform your duties as mom such as lifting, carrying and holding the little one. And don’t forget about carrying that stroller up and down the stairs and also, in and out of the car. Energy along with strength is something you will need for those back to back late nights and early mornings. Exercise will give you that. Other benefits of postpartum exercise are:

  • Improved immune function
  • Injury prevention by protecting your joints
  • Lastly, who wouldn’t want to be a new mom with a rocking body?

With exercise you are better able to maintain your lean body mass.

          Among the common questions asked in regards to dropping the baby weight are, can I workout right after baby is born? Are there any exercises that I should avoid? Can I start to train my abs? And how intense should I keep my workout sessions? While you are in a hurry to get your body back to where it was pre pregnancy, remember this which is very important, every “body” is different. What works for one

new mother may not work for the other. This is why it is important to consult your doctor for clearance. The advice given to you from your doctor may and will be different than the advice your fellow new mommies receive.

          Furthermore, you should ease back into a workout routine. Depending on your previous fitness level you can do modified versions of exercises that you are used to doing.   If you are new to exercise you have different options. There are group classes for new moms, DVDs, books and personal trainers. If going the personal training route, be sure to hire someone with a specialized certification in prenatal and postpartum exercise training.

          Finally, here are some suggested activities to help keep the weight off.

Walk girl!

A great way to ease back into things is to start walking until you feel up to more vigorous exercise. Grab your comfy sneakers and the baby and start out with shorter distances such as just around the block, then eventually build up to touring your neighborhood.

Dance baby!

Throw a baby tunes CD into your stereo system and boogie down with your new born.

Create your mommy circle

Start or find a circle of moms to take exercise classes with. This is fun and motivational at the same time. Ask your gym, doctor or search the internet for other exercising new mothers.

Eat Right

Stock up on healthy snacks. Keep the junk snacks to a minimum in the house.

Keep hydrated

Drink plenty of water

Rest is important

Alongside exercise and good eating, rest is needed for any weight loss program. It may be hard at first as a new mom, but create time to rest up.

Natasha Linton

instagram: @fittnatasha



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